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Monday 19 October 2015

GIDC Product List C

GIDC Product List C

C Clamp

C Purlin

C Type Power Press
Cable Gland
Cable Lugs
Cable Tray
Cable Tie
CAD Services
CAD Training
Cancellous Screw
Canteen Bench Table
Canteen Table

Car Battery

Car Stopper
Carbide Brazed Tool
Carbide Burrs
Carbide End Mill
Carbon Steel Ball Valve
Carbon Steel Butt Weld Pipe Fitting
Carbon Steel Flange
Carbon Steel Hand Tap
Carbon Steel Pipe
Carbon Steel Socket Weld Fitting
Carry Bag
Cartridge Filter Bag

Cash Box
Cash/Credit Memo Book Printing
Cast Iron Bevel Gear
Cast Iron Spiral Bevel Gear
Cast Iron Stop Valve
Cast Iron Worm Gear
Caster Wheel
Cello Tape
Cement Plant Filter Bag
Center Bearing
Centrifugal Blower
Chain Conveyor
Chain Pulley Block
Chain Pulley Trolley
Chain Slings
Chain Wheel
Challan Book Binding
Chalk Board


Chartered Engineer

Chat Counter
Check Valve
Chemical Resistant Conveyor Belt
Chemical Anchor Stud

Chemical Pressure Vessels
Chemical Process Pump
Chemical Pump

Chemical Reactor
Chemical Transfer Pump
Chevron Belt

Chevron Conveyor Belt
Cheque Book Binding

Chop Saw Cutting Wheel
Chopper Machine
CI Bevel Gear
CI Spiral Bevel Gear
CI Worm Gear
CISF Uniforms
Clamping Devices & Clamping Elements
Clutch Release Bearing
Clutch Release Thrust Bearing
CNC Bending
CNC Turning Job Work
CNC Press Brake Machine
CNC Profile Cutting
CNC Wire Cut
Coated Belt
Cobalt Alloy Welding Rod and Electrodes
Coding Machine
Coil Spring

Column Guards
Combed Compact Knitting Yarn
Combed Compact Weaving Yarn
Combed Knitting Yarn
Combed Weaving Yarn

Compressed Air Dryer
Compression Spring
Compressor Oil

Computer Chair
Computer Display Rack
Computer Display Stand

Concrete Nail
Conical Spring
Container Transport
Conveyor Belt
Construction Equipment

Construction Safety
Continuous Casting
Control Desk Panel
Control Panel
Control Panel Accessories
Control Transformer

Convex Mirrors
Cooler Control Box
Cooling Display Counter

Copper Air Dryer
Copper Angle
Copper Coil
Copper Flat
Copper Flat Bar
Copper Foil
Copper Hexagon Bar
Copper Ingot
Copper Lug
Copper Pipe
Copper Plate
Copper Rod
Copper Round Bar
Copper Sheet
Copper Shim
Copper Square Bar
Copper Strip
Copper Tube
Copper Welding Wire
Copper Wire
Copyright Registration
Cordless Power Tools
Corian Jali Cutting
Cork Board
Corporate Uniform
Corrugated Box
Corrugated Paper Roll
Corrugated Sidewall Belt
Cotton Cloth Waste
Cotton Comber Noil
Cotton Dropping Waste
Cotton Flat Waste
Cotton Hard Waste
Cotton Hosiery Yarn
Cotton Roving Waste
Cotton Sweeping Waste
Cotton Waste
Cotton Wiper
Cotton Yarn
Color Coated Roofing Sheet
Colour Coated Roofing Sheet
Commercial Cladding
Cordless Power Tools
Corrugated FRP Sheet
Coupling Spider
Crab Hoist
Crane Control Panel
Crane Gearbox
Crane Hook Assembly
Crane Maintenance Services
Crane Overhauling Services
Crane Repair & Maintenance
Crane Repair Services
Crepe Paper
Crepe Paper Tube
Crimped Sheet
Crusher Spring
CSK Screw


Custom Fabrication

Customized Crane
Customized Name Plate
Cut Off Wheel
Cutter Grinder
Cutting Disc
Cutting Oil
Cutting Tools
Cutting Torch
Cutting Wheel
Cylindrical Grinder
Cylindrical Roller Bearing

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